Energy Materials Company

About Us

Energy Materials Company (EMC) CEO, owner and president, George Barrett has become a leading competitor within the steel market. George became acquainted with the industry at a young age and has had the unique experience of growing up working inside one of the largest pipe manufacturers in Houston. His firsthand experience in the industry is mirrored in his hands-on approach as EMC’s CEO.

EMC partners with customers, building relationships through his knowledge and experience, fortified by providing a direct line of communication between himself and customers. EMC has the resources of a large corporation; however, George maintains the customer relationships and product quality of small company. Even as the company continues to grow, the quality control process is as thoughtful and meticulous as ever.

Our Mission

Energy Materials Company recognizes the challenges faced by construction industries. Our mission is to help you overcome these challenges by providing products and services that exceed expectations and deliver unsurpassed support.

Our Values

Energy Materials Company’s core values are results driven, safety conscious, motivated for continuous improvement, focused on teamwork and communication, aimed at customer satisfaction, encouragement, and mutual trust respect, and integrity. EMC also has a strong commitment to sustainability. These core values are the center of all business decisions and the culture of our business.

Our Vision

At Energy Materials Company, our vision is to be the site work company of choice for your business, in providing unparalleled services to the construction industries with highly motivated, highly trained personnel using modern technologies and techniques.


Energy Materials Company is a certified Port of Houston Small Business Enterprise.

Energy Materials Company has successfully met the established requirements of the State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program to be recognized as a HUB.

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