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Metal Cutting Fluids

Soluble oils
Semi-synthetic coolants
Synthetic coolants
Coolant additives
Straight oils
Specialty cutting fluids
Tapping fluids

Metal Forming Fluids

Drawing fluids
Stamping fluids

Lubricating Oils

Aerosol lubricants
Penetrating oils
Greases & anti-seize
Hydraulic oils
Way oils
Other lube oils

Fluid Maintenance Equipment

Coalescers (tramp oil removal)
Drum pumps
Recycling equipment

Cleaners and Degreasers

HD solvent cleaners
Electronic cleaners
Electronic contact cleaners
Non-flammable degreasers
Bio-based degreasers
Brake parts cleaners
Carburetor cleaners
Aluminum brighteners
Rig wash
Citrus cleaners

Metal Protection Fluids

Rust preventatives
Metal parts protectors
Cold galvanizing sprays
Rust removers

Layout Fluids

Blue layout fluids
Layout ink removers

Hard Surface Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners
Disinfectant cleaners
Bowl cleaners – acid/non-acid
Shower, tub and tile cleaners
Glass cleaners


Foaming germicidal cleaners
Hospital disinfectant sprays
Surface disinfectants
Non-acid disinfectant cleaners
Hand sanitizers – liquid & gel
Sanitizer dispensers & stands
Facility sanitization equipment

Machine Lubricants

Hydraulic oils
Way oils
Spindle oils

Hand and Body Care

Hand soaps with lotion
Industrial hand soaps
Antiseptic soaps
Hair & body soaps
Hand sanitizers – liquid/gel
Hand protectants

Metal Cleaning Fluids

Parts cleaners
Machine cleaners
Carbon removers
Gasket removers
Aerosol degreasers
General purpose degreasers

Floor Care Systems

General purpose finishes
Ultra-high-speed finishes
Concrete sealers
Floor cleaners
Cleaner maintainers
Dust mop treatments
Heavy duty
Low odor
No rinse


Hand dishwashing soaps
Clinging bowl cleaners
Heavy duty acid bowl cleaners
Liquid caustic drain openers
Liquid laundry detergents
Coil cleaners
Adhesive sprays
Graffiti removers
Oven cleaners
Weed killers

Specialty Cont.

Carpet care
Extraction shampoo
Rotary carpet shampoo(Bonnet)
General purpose spotters
Solvent spotters
Surface care
Furniture polishes
Stainless steel polishes
Creme cleansers
Air & fabric
Dry air fresheners

Fluid Maintenance Services

Metalworking fluid maintenance
Machine cleaning
Waste minimization


Wasp & hornet sprays
Roach & ant sprays
Flying insect sprays
Insect repellents


Facility sanitization services


Facility sanitization equipment
MicroCloud™ LITE
MicroCloud™ cart
Sanitizer dispensers & stands